Aberhart Ag Solutions Proudly Presents: Growing the Future 2018


Aberhart Ag Solutions are excited to introduce and present some of the top voices in agriculture for an interesting, passionate, articulate speaker series from some of agriculture’s most innovative organizations.


Stage presenters include:

Together, we will share our stories, our passions, our values; and provide insight into what’s trending in the agriculture industry today and into the future.

All of these electrifying presentations will take place inside booth #613 on 7th Street, at scheduled times described below. The ‘Field of STARS’ fundraising event is also located on stage Tuesday evening, featuring the talented Brett Kissel!

We are thrilled by the variety and quality of presenters taking the stage this week, and we are truly grateful for the partnerships and ingenuity that brought this show together!

You won’t want to miss it!

The Passion to Fight for Life (with Cindy Seidl)

Presented By: Kimberly Kroll-Goodwin
Manager of Events —STARS Foundation
Schedule: 3:00 p.m. Thursday, July 19th

Kimberly is a University of Saskatchewan and Edwards School of Business graduate. Before starting at STARS, Kim worked in the tourism industry and has always been an active member of many community associations and boards. Currently she is a Director on the Hemophilia Saskatchewan Board. Kim has been with the STARS Foundation since inception in 2012 and is currently the Manager of Events for STARS Saskatchewan. Kim lives in Warman, SK with her husband Josh and four year old son Jaxson. STARS Foundation is dedicated to saving lives through partnership, innovation and leadership. STARS provides a safe, rapid, highly specialized emergency medical transport system for the critically ill and injured.

The Passion to Fight for Life (with Kimberly Kroll-Goodwin)
Presented By: Cindy Seidl
Provincial Director of Operations — STARS Foundation
Schedule: 3:00 p.m. Thursday, July 19th

Cindy graduated from SIAST Kelsey Campus in 1991 with a Diploma in Nursing and took her Nursing Degree through U of S in 2004 . She then went on to complete her Masters of Nursing in 2007. Cindy has worked the majority of her career in critical care areas, working as part of multidisciplinary teams, and her background includes several years of adult ICU and emergency care, Pediatric ICU and was part of the Pediatric transport team which is made up of a Registered Nurse and Respiratory Therapist. Before coming to STARS, Cindy worked for 18 years as a flight nurse with Saskatchewan Air Ambulance including the program manager. Cindy has been with STARS since 2012 as them Provincial Director of Operations for Saskatchewan and still flies as a Nurse on missions. Cindy resides in Biggar, SK with her husband Jeff and is the proud grandma of a new grandson.

The Power of Bio-Sul Premium Plus — No-Brainer Disruptor Decision (with Elston Denzil Solberg)
Presented By: Dan Aberhart
Managing Director, President & Founder — Aberhart Ag Solutions
Schedule: 12:00 p.m. Daily

Dan grew up on his family’s farm, a now 14,000 acre mixed-grain operation in Saskatchewan; and later studied agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan. He spent 15 years in marketing, sales, business development, and leadership roles spanning the Prairies’ farming communities. Along with his dad (Harvey) and brother (Terry), Dan founded Aberhart Ag Solutions in 2015, where the family has introduced an elemental sulphur product to farmers that’s agronomically, logistically, and economically superior. Thanks to a network of partners developed by Dan, Bio-Sul is fast becoming the sustainable fertilizer of choice.

Dan’s vision and drive has taken Aberhart Ag Solutions from a fresh start-up to a company with millions in annual sales. A born entrepreneur, and the face of Aberhart Ag, Dan is synonymous with performance. The marketing maverick has redefined how to bring a better product to farmers, and he’s done it in a rarely-used method for the industry. A social media guru, Dan has created a specific branding strategy that has made the company a trusted household name. His videos and podcasts found at www.aberhartagsolutions.ca are relatable and creative. Dan has spearheaded this event, ‘Growing the Future 2018 #gtf18’ which provides a forum for the top voices in agriculture to share their enthusiasm and trials in an industry that is rapidly changing. His passion for bringing people together and giving back to the industry is truly inspirational, as you will soon learn. Dan is an engaging public speaker, and really radiates enthusiasm in talks that are well researched, witty and inspiring.

Western Canada Prospects 2018
Presented By: Bruce Burnett
Director of Weather & Markets – Glacier FarmMedia
Schedule: 11:00 a.m. Daily

Bruce Burnett has been living and breathing Western Canadian agriculture for over 30 years. The combination of practical experience gained by growing up on a farm in western Manitoba and years of monitoring global weather and markets for the Canadian Wheat Board gives Bruce a unique perspective on the agricultural markets. His specialty is the analysis of weather conditions and their impact on global agricultural markets. Bruce is an enthusiastic speaker who will deliver an authoritative perspective on markets for crops grown in Western Canada. Bruce Burnett has taken another extensive crop tour of the Prairies last week and will discuss the production potential for 2018. The impact of the weather on the marketing of this years crop will also be discussed.

The Power of Bio-Sul Premium Plus — No-Brainer Disruptor Decision (with Dan Aberhart) — Keep it Simple Sulphur — integration of sustainability, agronomics, logistics, economics and enhancement. Be prepared to strap yourself in for non-stop learning, questions and sulphur fun!!

Presented By: Elston Denzil Solberg MSc, PAg
Crop Whisperer and Story Teller; Agronomist & Owner – Sun Mountain Inc.
Schedule: 12:00 p.m. Daily

Elston grew up on a dairy farm near the Village of Ryley, eventually serving as the Mayor for nine years. Elston knew very early that he would be a scientist and now has over 38 years of research and extension under his belt. Having worked with his mentor, Dr. Marvin Nyborg for 13 years; Alberta Agriculture for 17 years as the Head of the Field Crop Development Centre, in Lacombe; and as a Senior Agri Coach with Agri-Trend, Elston now assists Bio-Cycle in the development of Bio-Sul Premium Plus. Elston’s unique ability is to take complex issues and explain them simply. He has travelled widely professionally, and is known as Mr. Sulphur on most continents.

Elston is passionate about agriculture and the people within, having worked closely with a wide range of growers and industry partners over most of his career. Elston is excited about the future of Bio-Sul Premium Plus and believes that the concept is a game changing disruptor technology. Sun Mountain Inc. (incorporated in 2002) is a teaching, training, speaking and research company that focusses on helping leading growers and agronomists to make informed decisions. Sun Mountain comes from Sol and Berg which mean Sun over Mountain in old Norwegian.

Agriculture 5.0
Presented By: Robert Saik PAg, CAC
Founder — Agri-Trend/ Global Business Development
Schedule: 2:30 p.m. Thursday, July 19th

Robert Saik, Founder of The Agri-Trend® Group of Companies (now part of Trimble Navigation) is a Professional Agrologist and a Certified Agricultural Consultant. In his capacity as Founder and now Global Business Development for Agri-Trend, Robert has been involved in the development of many new business processes and spearheaded several advancements in technology integration in agriculture. In addition to being a keen entrepreneur, Rob’s technical strengths lie in soil chemistry, plant physiology and crop nutrition. Agri-Trend was recognized as a 2012 and 2014 Western Regional Canada Top 50 Best Managed Company and was recognized by Venture Magazine as one of Alberta’s 2013 top 25 Most Innovative Organizations. He was awarded the 2014 Canadian Agri-Marketer of the Year by the Canadian Association of Agricultural Marketers. Robert has traveled extensively through North America, South America, the EU, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East as well as Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan working on technology integration and agriculture advancements. Agri-Trend®, a division of Trimble Navigation, helps farmers allocate scarce resources to produce a safe, reliable and profitable food supply in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Growing The Future — Leverage your passion, culture, innovation and technology to build a sustainable future for the next generation.
Presented By: Terry Aberhart
CCA, CEO — Aberhart Farms & Sure Growth Technologies, Managing Partner – Aberhart Ag Solutions
Schedule: 10:00 a.m. Thursday, July 19th

Growing up on his family farm cultivated Terry Aberhart’s passion for agriculture and entrepreneurial growth. He worked in the agricultural industry before returning to manage farm and custom spraying operations in 2000. In 2005, Terry founded Sure Growth Technologies, a professional independent agronomy consulting company, affiliated with Agri-Trend. In 2009, Terry received the Business Builder of the Year award and was voted Canadian Agri-Coach of the Year from Agri-Trend from 2011-12.

In 2015, Terry, along with his brother Dan and father Harvey, founded Aberhart Ag Solutions Inc. The marketing and distributing company has helped bring Bio-Sul Premium Plus, a unique recycled sustainable elemental sulphur product to the agricultural market. Aberhart Ag Solutions continues to see network expansion, innovative and sustainable solutions. In 2017, Terry and his wife Lichelle were nominated for the Saskatchewan Outstanding Young Farmers competition and were honored to participate as runners-up in the program.

Terry has a strong focus on advancing agronomy with precision agriculture through developing and leveraging new technologies. He constantly continues his professional development, attending and often speaking at, various conferences in North America. Terry also attends training programs like The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers out of Texas A&M through 2015-17, and Strategic Coach business program for entrepreneurs since 2017. Terry has worked extensively to develop precision technologies, farm research, and data management. Terry, with his wife Lichelle, children Sarrikah, Asceline, and Holden and father Harvey, operate Aberhart Farms, a progressive 15,000 acre grain farm. Aberhart Farms Inc. is committed to their mission of “Growing the Future,” guided by their core values of innovation, family, passion, culture, and sustainability for future generations. Terry ensures the farm’s mission is upheld through his willingness to push boundaries and through his constant education of agricultural innovation. Terry also continues to be passionate about giving back to those in need through Learn Ag, Canadian Food Grains Bank and charity projects in the developing world. He loves agriculture, working with the farm team, and sharing his success and passion with his family.

Innovation, Growth & Excellence in Agriculture
Presented By: Norbert Beaujot PEng
Founder & President — SeedMaster
Schedule: 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 18th

In the early 90s, farmer and SeedMaster founder and president Norbert Beaujot, P.Eng. developed a simple but powerful concept: a terrain-following, dual-knife opener that revolutionized the no-till industry. In 2003, Norbert and his family opened SeedMaster in Emerald Park, SK and the company has continued to grow each year. Their market has now grown throughout North America, Australia, and Eastern Europe.

Norbert continues to push the limits of seeding technology with the SeedMaster drill and plays an active role in R & D both in the manufacturing plant and in the field at SeedMaster’s 2,000-acre Research Farm near Langbank, SK. His most recent concept — the DOT Power Platform — pushes agriculture forward into the realm of tractor-less, autonomous agriculture.

SeedMaster helps growers maximize efficiency and productivity, provide on-farm analysis of crop production factors, and provide agronomic and technological recommendations to grow the best crop possible.

Make Grain Out of Rain
Presented By: Franck Groeneweg
Director — Saskatchewan Farm Stewardship Association (SaskFSA) & Farm Manager – Green Atlantic Farms
Schedule: 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, July 18th

Franck Groeneweg farms by Edgeley, SK, 30 minutes northeast of Regina, SK. He grew up on a family farm in France. Following a Diploma in Agriculture, he went to Iowa to try his hand at corn and soybean farming in the mid-1990s. Franck and his wife, Kari, moved to Saskatchewan in 2003 and started Green Atlantic Farms. They farm 6,000 acres of wheat, canola, peas, flax, and faba beans.


Franck served on the board of the Indian Head Ag Research Foundation, Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission, the Canadian Canola Growers Association and Grain Growers of Canada. He is currently on the board of the Saskatchewan Farm Stewardship Association and Canadaʼs Outstanding Young Farmers.


Saskatchewan Farm Stewardship Association (SaskFSA), is an organization dedicated to ensuring that the farmers’viewpoint are considered when it relates to the ability to manage agricultural land to ensure that one can optimize efficiency while doing so in an environmentally acceptable and sustainable manner.