Announcing 2019 Growing The Future At Farm Forum Event

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The Aberhart Ag Solutions team are proud to have built a network of partners, our Trusted Applicators,  throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba who take the time to understand our client’s needs. We are excited to announce that Growing The Future 2019 will be held within this year’s Farm Forum Event in Saskatoon!


The Growing the Future 2019 event will take place at TCU Place, Saskatoon during Farm Forum 2019, December 3, 4, & 5.

The event will provide opportunity not only to attend great presentations from our speakers, but also for discussion in our ‘fireside chats’. Speakers include Elston Solberg, Terry Aberhart, Craig Davidson, Wes Anderson, Dan Aberhart, Warren Bills, Evan Shout, and Katelyn Duncan. Together they will provide insights on agronomy, business, and the inner workings of #WesternCanadianAg. Don’t miss it!

Growing The Future 2019 Speaker Schedule:

Elston Solberg Tuesday, December 3rd 9:30am – 10:15am ConnEct the Dots – Find Balance – CRUSH the AgronomicS
Terry Aberhart Tuesday, December 3rd 11:15am – 12:00pm Past Present and Future of Precision Agriculture
Craig Davidson Tuesday, December 3rd 1:30pm – 2:15 pm The future of the Agronomist
Wes Anderson Tuesday, December 3rd 3:45pm – 4:45pm Swat Maps: Mapping your Soil Potential
Dan Aberhart Wednesday, December 4th 1:30pm – 2:15pm Bio-Sul: The One Millionth Acre
Terry Aberhart/ Warren Bills Wednesday, December 4th 3:15pm – 4:00 pm Data Monetization Now and in the Future
Evan Shout Wednesday, December 4th 11:30am – 12:15pm Data Analytics – Turning Data into Decisions
Katelyn Duncan Thursday, December 5th 11:30am – 12:15pm Managing Inputs for Your Most Important Resource


ConnEct the Dots – Find Balance – CRUSH the AgronomicS

Strap yourself in for a hard core 4D thinking like a plant experience.
You will leave this presentation smarter than 97% of agronomists on the planet.
. . . and . . . Elston ‘may’ expose his confirmation bias around elemental sulphur, especially Bio-Sul 😎.
Simple Agronomics, Logistics, Economics, Sustainable no-brainer


Past, Present and Future of Precision Agriculture 

In this session Terry will share his experiences and insight as a precision agronomist and owner, operator of  Sure Growth Solutions Inc an independent precision agronomy service and research provider and Aberhart Farms Inc a progressive 15,000 acre dry land grain operation near Langenburg sk.   We will review the past decade of challenges and successes with precision agriculture and Variable rate programs and technology, the current focus of precision ag as well as the future opportunities in the next decade to come.   


The Future of an Agronomist – What will you be doing in 2030?

Agriculture has changed and will continue to change at a rapid pace. Never before have all levels of agricultural production been under the spotlight more than today. How we as an agricultural community go on the offensive to insure the success and prosperity in the next 10 years of production? If growers have to adapt, so will agronomists.


SWAT MAPS: Mapping your soil potential

SWAT MAPS is a unique, patented method of combining soil, water, and topography data layers into one powerful map for use in precision ag.  It allows the influence of stable soil and water properties on yield variability to be measured and more importantly, managed. By mapping the “soil potential” in your field, SWAT MAPS empowers agronomists and farmers using variable rate technology to improve the ROI of fertilizer, seed, amendments, and soil applied herbicides for better profitability and environmental sustainability.


Bio-Sul: The One Millionth Acre

Join Dan Aberhart and “special guests” (to be revealed) involved in the 5 year journey to bring a brand new product to market that has had a notable impact on not only the conversation around elemental sulphur but on sustainability in agriculture.

What started out as a bit of a head scratcher for some people quickly turned into a “no brainer” for many producers, agronomists, and retailers, as the business grew and brought extreme value to urban centres and the producers who have benefited from the price, agronomic, logistic, and even environmental benefits from this new simple but brilliant solution to sulphur.

Hear the story of how an outlier came to be, where it’s going in the future, and what it can do for your farm.


Data Monetization on Farms:  Now and in the Future

If you asked a farmer 20 years ago – how do you monetize your farm data?  They’d look at you cross-eyed and crazy! Well today this topic could be top of mind as you’ve likely accumulated and utilized data through equipment, field sensors, and services.  The idea of monetization doesn’t only mean turning it into cash, but also the idea that you can leverage data to become more profitable on your farm then without it. Does your farm business have a data strategy? What level of importance do you put on your data quality?  Come chat with Terry and Warren about data monetization today on farms, and what this may look like in the future!

Data Analytics – Turning Data into Decisions

Agriculture advancement in terms of technology, data and human resources has grown exponentially in the past decade. Primary producers are now faced with large scale, multiple decisions that are coming at them faster than ever before. The idea of turning data into decisions encompasses the ideology of “moneyball” or “blackjack farming”; allowing farmers to have the answers to questions that have not been asked yet. Providing a decision matrix that takes the gut feeling out of farming and allows the data to drive the operations in terms of financial analysis, human resources and agronomy.

If we already know the answer to the decision, is it really a decision?


Managing Inputs for Your Most Important Resource

As farm business owners we tend to think in dollars and cents, revenue and expenses, inputs and outputs. Unfortunately, we often forget about the most important input – our self.  Using self awareness and a growth mindset as the blueprint, Katelyn will discuss techniques to navigate through the day to day stresses of farming and personal life. Based on wisdom from Don Migual Riuz “The Mastery of Self” Katelyn will discuss how farmers can be their authentic self, regardless of what’s happening around them (aka: the weather, international trade and Twitter fights). 


Growing The Future Speaker Bios



We are pretty sure that you know Dan – but just in case you need a reminder here is a link to Dan’s bio –
Dan’s 2019 theme is #farmersfixingtheworldsproblems. 

He’s tired of all the chit-chat about saving the world

Dan believes we have the solutions to mitigate these major societal issues through new and emerging approaches that take the world’s problems and turn them on their head and make good farming sense doing it.  In addition to this, Dan will be sharing his overview and vision for 2019 and beyond for Aberhart Ag Solutions, the valued Trusted applicators, and our clients!!



Terry has a strong focus on advancing agronomy with precision agriculture through developing and leveraging new technologies. He constantly continues his professional development attending, and often speaking at, various conferences in North America

Find Terry’s Full Bio here 




Elston grew up on a dairy farm near Ryley Alberta where he learned about hard work and tenacity. Hockey, baseball and fishing were key to his youth. He knew early in life that science was his career focus.

He attended Camrose Lutheran College to play hockey where the Vikings won the Canadian Junior College Championships. Later he completed his B. Sc. in Agriculture (Agronomy, U of A) and an M. Sc. in Soils (Elemental Sulphur Fertilizer, U of A). While doing his masters he worked full time as a research associate with mentor Dr. Marvin Nyborg and continued working on many practical research projects for 8 years full time and 7 part-time after leaving to join Alberta Agriculture to work in research and extension for 17 years. During all this Elston moved back to his hometown and served on Village Council for 9 years (8 as Mayor), he was Chair of Beaver Regional Waste Management and Chair of the Joint Councils of Beaver County. Amongst this mess, Elston attempted to complete a Ph. D. on a project involving a detailed understanding of N cycling. While the thesis was not completed all the data was published adding to a still growing body of scientific and popular press. In 2002, Elston left his position as Lead of the Field Crop Development Center (Alberta Agriculture) and started Sun Mountain Inc. and began his affiliation with Agri-Trend. Elston has travelled extensively and has trained people on every continent (except Antarctica ;>) on various facets of crop production, soil science and nutrient management. He has recently established a speaking, teaching, training and publishing company called EarthDirtSoil.



From the day Taurus opened its doors in 2001, Craig has been driven to help growers understand the why’s behind the how’s in agriculture. His goal has been to create a different kind of company: one that is focused on promoting innovative, scientifically-backed technologies and leading edge agronomic strategies based on education, knowledge and data. Since then, he has been helping business-minded growers to benefit through Taurus’ fact-first approach to farming. Craig works closely with agri-businesses and manufacturers to determine how their products and services can bring value to the Canadian and global marketplace – and fit within an overall agronomic strategy designed to maximize production and profitability for growers. As President, Craig’s approach to business is about “boots on the ground” versus “feet up on a desk.” He remains passionate about working with progressive farmers and continues to personally lead grower meetings. Craig has spent his whole life in agriculture. Before founding Taurus he served in senior management roles with fertilizer manufacturers on both sides of the border. He continues to be actively involved in a fifth-generation family farming operation in Virden, Manitoba.



Wes is a Senior Fertility Specialist with CropPro Consulting based out of Beaumont, AB.  He currently works with Alberta clients to enhance their fertility program using SWAT MAP variable rate technology, as well as supports the rest of the CropPro staff and third-party agronomists using SWAT MAPS.  

Wes grew up on a mixed farm near Theodore, SK and obtained his degree in Agriculture from U of S in 2001.  Since then he’s worked in various agronomy roles in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and more recently in southern NSW, Australia.  As a member of the Alberta institute of Agrologists, Wes is passionate about using all technology in agriculture to improve the economic viability and environmental sustainability of farms.  He has a wife and three kids that keep him busy in his spare time and graciously put up with his infatuation for agriculture.



Helping agriculture evolve through its digital era is my passion. My energy and enthusiasm comes through finding new opportunities and building business strategies that fit cleanly into the value chain for farmers, agribusiness, and society.  I’ve collaborated through a range of experiences inside entrepreneurial and corporate environments, grounded deeply with a farm background and digital agronomy speciality. Currently I manage commercialization and partnerships in North America for xarvio – BASF’s digital farming group.  With my wife and 4 kids we enjoy great variety of experiences from our home just outside Calgary, Alberta.





Evan Shout is the president and co founder of Maverick Ag Ltd, a business risk management and consulting firm focused on insurance and data analytics. He also sits as chief financial officer at Hebert Grain Ventures (HGV), a 22,000-acre grain and oilseed operation in southeast Saskatchewan.

Evan is a CPA and worked with MNP in his past career, having a specialty in large scale primary producer grain operations. He also was a shareholder in Shout Farms Ltd, a family grain farming operation in central Saskatchewan until January of 2014. His passion for the industry drives a calling that includes operational management of human resources, technology, data collection and financial and business risk management practices that will assist primary producer operations into the next generation of agriculture.