Aberhart Ag Solutions 2019 Trusted Applicator Summit

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The Aberhart Ag Solutions team are proud to have built a network of partners, our Trusted Applicators,  throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba who take the time to understand our client’s needs. Every year we hold an invitation-only summit for our partners. In our latest news, we share details of Aberhart Ag Solutions 2019 Trusted Applicator Summit.

2019 Trusted Applicator Summit

The Trusted Applicator Summit will take place at the Doubletree in Regina on Jan 28th & 29th 2019. The summit will take place over  2 half days – the afternoon of 28th, evening fellowship & meal, the morning of the 29th – see the full agenda below.

This year we are bringing an exclusive gathering of our tribe for high energy and educational meeting of the minds. The #biosulnation is an integral part of our business and we want to share this marketing opportunity with our business partners & affiliates. The event will feature affiliate sponsors, business opportunities, sales techniques, dealer discussions and much more. Speakers include Craig Davidson, Mike Dolinski, Terry Aberhart, Jeff Roziere, Ray Dowbenko, Elston Solberg, Dan Aberhart and special guest Steven McQueen, together they will provide insights on agronomy, their passion for agriculture & business solutions! You won’t want to miss it!

Thank you to Our 2019 Trusted Applicator Summit Sponsors

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2019 Presenters:

The Aberharts

Dan Aberhart

We are pretty sure that you know Dan – but just in case you need a reminder here is a link to Dan’s bio
Dan’s 2019 theme is #farmersfixingtheworldsproblems. 

He’s tired of all the chit-chat about saving the world

Dan believes we have the solutions to mitigate these major societal issues through new and emerging approaches that take the world’s problems and turn them on their head and make good farming sense doing it.  In addition to this, Dan will be sharing his overview and vision for 2019 and beyond for Aberhart Ag Solutions, the valued Trusted applicators, and our clients!!



Terry Aberhart

Terry has a strong focus on advancing agronomy with precision agriculture through developing and leveraging new technologies. He constantly continues his professional development attending, and often speaking at, various conferences in North America

Find Terry’s Full Bio here 


2019 TAS Special Guests

Ray Dowbenko

Ray is former Senior Agronomist at Nutrien, with over 30 years of industry experience. Ray completed his graduate work at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ray works with research scientists, academics, industry groups and regulatory agencies in the areas of fertilizer and agricultural research, policy, environment and sustainability issues.

Ray is a member of the Alberta Institute of Agrology and a member of the Institute’s Competence Committee, the American Society of Agronomy, sits on the Prairie Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) Board and was also an original member of the Prairie CCA development committee.

Ray is also active on working groups of slow and controlled release fertilizers, nutrient stewardship and the agriculture committee with the International Fertilizer Association, and also with Fertilizers Canada on the metrics and adoption working group for 4R nutrient stewardship.

Elston Solberg

Elston grew up on a dairy farm near Ryley Alberta where he learned about hard work and tenacity. Hockey, baseball and fishing were key to his youth. He knew early in life that science was his career focus.

He attended Camrose Lutheran College to play hockey where the Vikings won the Canadian Junior College Championships. Later he completed his B. Sc. in Agriculture (Agronomy, U of A) and an M. Sc. in Soils (Elemental Sulphur Fertilizer, U of A). While doing his masters he worked full time as a research associate with mentor Dr. Marvin Nyborg and continued working on many practical research projects for 8 years full time and 7 part-time after leaving to join Alberta Agriculture to work in research and extension for 17 years. During all this Elston moved back to his hometown and served on Village Council for 9 years (8 as Mayor), he was Chair of Beaver Regional Waste Management and Chair of the Joint Councils of Beaver County. Amongst this mess, Elston attempted to complete a Ph. D. on a project involving a detailed understanding of N cycling. While the thesis was not completed all the data was published adding to a still growing body of scientific and popular press. In 2002, Elston left his position as Lead of the Field Crop Development Center (Alberta Agriculture) and started Sun Mountain Inc. and began his affiliation with Agri-Trend. Elston has travelled extensively and has trained people on every continent (except Antarctica ;>) on various facets of crop production, soil science and nutrient management. He has recently established a speaking, teaching, training and publishing company called EarthDirtSoil.


Michael Dolinski grew up on a small farm in southern Manitoba and moved to Alberta as Provincial Entomologist in 1972 after finishing a Masters in Entomology at the U of M. During his 32 years with Alberta Agriculture he had roles as an entomologist, vertebrate specialist (rats, coyotes, rabies), apiculturist, and finally as an organic agriculture specialist. He retired in 2004 and until August 2018 contracted his services as a Senior Agri-Coach to Agri-Trend Agrology. He joined Taurus Ag. In December 2018 as Director, Science and Innovation.

Over about the last 10 years he became interested in plant physiology and how plants grow and use resources. He speaks widely on many topics related to plant physiology, growth, and nutrition, plus insect pest management using his vast array of photographs which he takes at the microscopic level to train agronomists and farmers.
He is an avid fisherman, fly tier, golfer, grandfather and passionate teacher.

Craig Davidson

From the day Taurus opened its doors in 2001, Craig has been driven to help growers understand the why’s behind the how’s in agriculture. His goal has been to create a different kind of company: one that is focused on promoting innovative, scientifically-backed technologies and leading edge agronomic strategies based on education, knowledge and data. Since then, he has been helping business-minded growers to benefit through Taurus’ fact-first approach to farming. Craig works closely with agri-businesses and manufacturers to determine how their products and services can bring value to the Canadian and global marketplace – and fit within an overall agronomic strategy designed to maximize production and profitability for growers. As President, Craig’s approach to business is about “boots on the ground” versus “feet up on a desk.” He remains passionate about working with progressive farmers and continues to personally lead grower meetings. Craig has spent his whole life in agriculture. Before founding Taurus he served in senior management roles with fertilizer manufacturers on both sides of the border. He continues to be actively involved in a fifth-generation family farming operation in Virden, Manitoba.

How can Craig provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

“We’ve come to realize there are no silver bullets out there. There is no single solution that can turn a good crop into a great crop. Instead, the secret to success comes from a holistic approach where small, sustainable gains add up to large scale success for today’s advanced growers. We are fortunate to have a tremendous arsenal of agronomic tools at our fingertips – with many more in development. Myself, and the entire team at Taurus are committed to helping growers stay on top of these advancements. Together we will help you raise the bar: from the soil on up.”

Jeff Roziere, CET

Prior to co-founding Siere in 2008 with Cathy Snelgrove, Jeff spent over a decade managing and leading various groups in both the private and public sectors. The strengths he brings to his clients are his ability to develop tools and systems that streamline business processes, the keen understanding of how to maximize the use of ERP systems to gain overall system efficiencies, the technical know-how related to operations management, life-cycle costing, financial modeling, and Lean / Six Sigma Principles. He understands the importance of engaging employees in the process of change and in doing so has proven time and time again that employees really are the most valuable resources within any organization

Siere is a specialized business advisory firm working primarily with the owners and leaders of established enterprises in the manufacturing, construction, transportation and agriculture services sectors to develop and implement strategies focused on increasing the financial viability and growth of their operations.As part of our approach, we take the time to understand the vision of the owner, to explore the challenges currently being faced in the operation and then to identify the strategies and tactics, required to close the gap. There is no one solution that will address the challenges faced by an individual company or business. Our approach is simple; we only undertake an engagement if we can agree, to our mutual satisfaction, that the value we create is greater than the prices we charge that client. Value is measured by the client, and when everyone is on the same page, then the results happen quickly.

In working with the team at a team, there are two fundamental philosophies we believe drive results; focus and the measurement of results. Our business advisory process is designed to drive both, and because of the results achieved, many of our clients either choose to stay with us or choose to return, over and over again.

Steven McQueen.

Steve, Owner of McQueen Custom Farm Work Ltd., has been invested in safe & sustainable Canadian Agriculture for over 40 years. Maintaining a balance of family, community and my love for agriculture has opened up so many incredible opportunities. 

As Director, Canadian Business Unit, Emerald BioAgriculture Corporation, my passion is to continually educate myself, and others in managing the plants’ ability, to grow from a seedling through to a consumable product, understanding and utilizing every level of existing and new technology to succeed. 

Unlike people, plants can not walk away from their environment, they just adapt!!” 


Aberhart Ag Solutions

2019 Trusted Applicator Summit Agenda


See You At The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Conference Centre in Regina Saskatchewan, Jan 28th & 29th 2019!

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Conference Centre Regina is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Regina, on the main thoroughfare into the city and is only 15 minutes from Regina International Airport (YQR) (see map below)

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