Aberhart Ag Solutions Public Webinar – Tissue Testing with Special Guests Elston Solberg & Terry Aberhart

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The Aberhart Ag Solutions team are proud to have built a network of partners, our Trusted Applicators,  throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba. In an effort to support our terrific network and all Western Canadian Farmers, we are excited to announce that Aberhart Ag is presenting a public webinar focusing on Tissue Testing, and what that means in relation to Bio-Sul. Dan Aberhart will co-host with Terry Aberhart and special guest Elston Solberg of Earth Dirt Soil.

 The Art & Science of Tissue Testing


This public webinar will take place:

If you have questions you would like answered on the show please send them to us – email: dan@aberhartagsolutions.ca


Elston Solberg, Earth Dirt Soil


Elston grew up on a dairy farm near the Village of Ryley, eventually serving as the Mayor for nine years. Elston knew very early that he would be a scientist and now has over thirty eight years of research and extension under his belt. Having worked with his mentor, Dr. Marvin Nyborg for thirteen years; Alberta Agriculture for seventeen years as the Head of the Field Crop Development Centre, in Lacombe; and as a Senior Agri-Coach with Agri-Trend. Elston now assists Bio- Cycle in the development of Bio-Sul Premium Plus.

Elston’s unique ability is is to take complex issues and explain them simply. He hastravelled widely professionally, and is known as Mr Sulphur on most continents.
Elston is passionate about agriculture and the people within, having worked closely with a wide range of growers and industry partners over most of his career. Elston is excited about the future of Bio-Sul Premium Plus and believes that the concept is a game changing disrupter technology.

“Elston is the ‘Bill Nye science guy’ of Ag – with an entertaining approach that makes chemistry descriptions and interactions pop alive! I left wanting to stop and buy a good shovel that’ll live in my trunk and I’m convinced every farm I know should one in theirs too!” – recent testimonial from Carrie James, General Manager of the Ontario Canola Growers following their 2018 AGM

Sun Mountain Inc. (incorporated in 2002) is a teaching, training, speaking and research company that focusses on helping leading growers and agronomists to make informed decisions. Sun Mountain comes from Sol and Berg which mean Sun over Mountain in old Norwegian.

Most recently Elston Co-Founded Earth Dirt Soil, a coaching, training, agronomic support company that helps coaches, consultants & growers make ever better incremental decisions.

Elston Solberg
Earth Dirt Soil



Terry Aberhart, Aberhart Farms

Growing up on his family farm cultivated Terry Aberhart’s passion for agriculture and entrepreneurial growth. He worked in the agricultural industry before returning to manage farm and custom spraying operations in 2000. In 2005, Terry founded Sure Growth Technologies, a professional independent agronomy consulting company, affiliated with Agri-Trend. In 2009 Terry received the Business Builder of the Year award and was voted Canadian Agri-Coach of the Year from Agri-Trend from 2011-2012.
In 2015, Terry, along with his brother Dan and father Harvey, founded Aberhart Ag Solutions Inc. The marketing and distributing company has helped bring Bio-Sul Premium Plus, a unique recycled sustainable elemental Sulphur product to the agricultural market. Aberhart Ag solutions continues to see network expansion, innovative and sustainable solutions. In 2017 Terry and his wife Lichelle were nominated for the Saskatchewan Outstanding Young Farmers competition and were honored to participate as runners-up in the program.
Terry has a strong focus on advancing agronomy with precision agriculture through developing and leveraging new technologies. He constantly continues his professional development attending, and often speaking at, various conferences in North America and through attending training programs like The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers out of Texas A&M through 2015-2017, and Strategic Coach business program for entrepreneurs since 2017. Terry has worked
Aberhart Ag Solutions Inc. Growing the Future 2019 #gtf19 Farm Forum
extensively to develop precision technologies, farm research, and data management. Terry, with his wife Lichelle, children Sarrikah, Asceline, and Holden and father Harvey, operate Aberhart Farms, a progressive 15,000ac grain farm. Aberhart Farms Inc. is committed to their mission of “Growing the Future”, guided by their core values of innovation, family, passion, culture, and sustainability for future generations. Terry ensures the farm’s mission is upheld through his willingness to push boundaries and through his constant education of agricultural innovation. Terry also continues to be passionate about giving back to those in need through Learn Ag, Canadian Food Grains Bank and charity projects in the developing world. He loves agriculture, working with the farm team, and sharing his success and passion with his family.



Being part of a family-owned business can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Like you, farming and running a business is in our blood. Farming, custom application, agronomy, trucking, and iron sales are all a part of our background. We enjoy the relationships in the agricultural industry that we have built. This business is an opportunity to strengthen our existing network and also make new connections.