Aberhart Ag Solutions Trusted Applicator Episode- Darrel Carlisle from Carlisle Liquid Starters / Precise Applications


Aberhart Ag Solutions  are proud to bring Bio Sul to market in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba through our excellent partners in Bio-Cycle and our Trusted Applicators across the prairies. Introducing a low cost, convenient, environmentally friendly nutrient to a large geographical area has got our blood flowing and we think you will be excited about it too. In our latest news we shine the Trusted Applicator spotlight onto Darrel Carlisle.

Meet Trusted Applicator Darrel Carlisle

Darrel is the owner/ founder of Carlisle Liquid Starters (CLS). CLS was founded in 2006 and in 2011 he took the opportunity to downsize his family farm from 7000 acres to 2500 acres, so he could build the site where they are currently located. Although a smaller farming operation, they still have enough farmable acres to run trials, work with new products, test application rates, and determine the best timings for nutrition applications.

Precise Application LTD. was formed in the early spring of 2016 when Carlisle Liquid Starters began selling Bio-Sul Premium Plus. They became an Aberhart Ag Solutions Bio-Sul “Trusted Applicator” due to their precise spreading capabilities with the Agri-Spread Spreader boxes on their RBR high clearance units. Precise Application LTD. will custom apply any granular fertilizer including lime & Bio-Sul, they also have the ability to spread seed as well.

Lots of things have changed since Carlisle Liquid Starters first began. CLS started with as few as 10 local customers in the beginning to now serving over 250 customers across Western Manitoba and South-Eastern Saskatchewan. In the video below hear Darrel speak about the qualities that makes Bio-Sul a great fit for his clientele, and how he delivers amazing service along with the product to his producers.


We’re proud to have built a network of partners throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba who will take the time to understand your needs.

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