Announcing Our Bio-Sul Product Guide


The Aberhart Ag Solutions team are proud to have built a network of partners, our Trusted Applicators,  throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba who take the time to understand our client’s needs. Every year we hold an invitation-only summit for our partners. In our latest news, we announce our Bio-Sul Product Guide is here. The team has worked hard to create a handy and useful guide to ‘Grow Your Best Crop, Ever’ with Bio-Sul Premium Plus.

The Most Cost Efficient and Longest Lasting Elemental Sulphur on the Market


By using compost as a carrier, our production costs are greatly reduced.  We pass that value on to you. Variable particle size means that our product breaks down naturally over time.

Expect one application to last longer than any other in the industry.



High application rates of this economical nutrient means multiple years of sulphur availability.  Variable particle size means that sulphur becomes available with good growing conditions: when your crop needs it the most.  Speed up your seeding operations. Hedge against inflating fertilizer prices for the future.


Make room in your bins, air cart, and seeding tool by eliminating ammonium sulphate.  More room in the boot means better germ on your seed.  Nothing could be simpler than applying fertilizer on top of the soil to let Mother Nature work.  Proper dispersion means accurate application.  Dial in your nutrient needs with variable rate.  Build up your bank of available sulphur to avoid limiting your crop. Take advantage of a wide application window.


Improve yields by ensuring nutrient availability and intensifying your fertilizer program. Make your iron investment in seeding equipment more efficient.  Save 25 to 50% on sulphur inputs.


Read Our Bio-Sul Product Guide Here