The Aberhart Ag Solutions team are proud to have built a network of partners, our Trusted Applicators,  throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba who take the time to understand our client’s needs. In our latest news, we are thrilled to announce that Aberhart Ag is presenting a public webinar on Clubroot, featuring Clubroot expert, Dan Orchard of the Canola Council of Canada. Dan Aberhart will be our host with the most,  as we take a deep dive into the challenges of this disease.



Clubroot Is A Challenge.

Clubroot is a serious soil-borne disease of cruciferous crops. In canola, it causes swellings or galls to form on the roots, which ultimately causes premature death of the plant. It is caused by a fungus-like protist called Plasmodiophora brassicae. Currently, there are no economical control measures that can remove this pathogen from a field once it has become infested. However, it is possible to curtail the spread of the pathogen and reduce the incidence and severity of the disease.

Aberhart Ag Solutions is taking proactive steps. We are introducing a high-quality discussion with an expert in the industry, Dan Orchard of the Canola Council of Canada.

This public webinar will take place:

If you have questions you would like answered on the show please send them to us – email:


Dan Orchard, Agronomy Specialist


Dan joined the Canola Council Of Canada in March 2011.
As a B.Sc. graduate from the University of Alberta, Dan combines his education and more than 20 year’s field experience to assist the Canola Council of Canada and the Crop Production Team.  Dan’s scouting led to the first detection of clubroot in Alberta in 2003, and has since taken on the role of clubroot leader for the agronomy team and is a withstanding member of the Clubroot Steering Group.  Dan covers the North Central Alberta Region, and when not doing agronomy he enjoys camping and playing guitar.





Being part of a family-owned business can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Like you, farming and running a business is in our blood. Farming, custom application, agronomy, trucking, and iron sales are all a part of our background. We enjoy the relationships in the agricultural industry that we have built. This business is an opportunity to strengthen our existing network and also make new connections.




Aberhart Ag Solutions are proud to bring Bio Sul to market in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This is made possible through our excellent partners in Bio-Cycle and our Trusted Applicators across the prairies. Introducing a low cost, convenient, environmentally friendly nutrient to a large geographical area has got our blood flowing. We think you will be excited about it too. In our latest post, we share the news that Aberhart Ag Solutions is attending 2019 Manitoba AgDays in January 2019.

2019 Manitoba AgDays

2019 Manitoba AgDaysThe Manitoba AgDays show is an exposition of agricultural production expertise, technology, and equipment that attracts exhibitors and visitors from across Canada and North Central United States.

The Show is 100% Free – Free Parking – Free Admission – Free Shuttle – Free Seminars – And There Is No Need To Register to Attend The Show.

Each year they strive to bring in the most relevant, up to date, informational speakers possible to the show.  This year is no exception: the program has been finalized for the 2019 show and you are in for a really impressive line up of speakers which can be seen in full here.

Manitoba AgDays 2019 Show Hours

  • Tuesday, January 22nd 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Wednesday, January 23rd 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Thursday, January 24th 9 AM to 5 PM

Our Manitoba AgDays booth is 656 and is situated in the Brandon Curling Club, swing by say hello and ask our team any questions about Bio Sul and what we do at Aberhart Ag Solutions.

Here is Dan’s promo from 2017 Manitoba AgDays.

Aberhart Ag Solutions are proud to bring Bio Sul to market in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba through our excellent partners in Bio-Cycle and our Trusted Applicators across the prairies. Introducing a low cost, convenient, environmentally friendly nutrient to a large geographical area has got our blood flowing and we think you will be excited about it too. In our latest post we share the news that our leader Dan Aberhart is speaking at the 2019 SYA Proudly Ag Conference


Dan Aberhart  Is Speaking At The 2019 SYA Proudly Ag Conference


2019 SYA Proudly Ag Conference When: January 9th-10th, 2019

Where: Radisson Hotel, Saskatoon SK

Keynote Speaker: Brad Wall






Aberhart Ag Solutions Managing Partner Dan was invited to present at the 2019 SYA Proudly AG Conference

Discussion Title: The Three Levels of Entrepreneurial Enlightenment (Cue Angelic Choir)

2019 SYA Proudly Ag Conference Beginning with one of the most epic cocktail party stories that ever came out of growing up on the farm in small-town Saskatchewan, Dan Aberhart will be your guide navigating the three levels of entrepreneurial enlightenment: SELF, TEAM, and CONSILIARIOS (a fancy Latin term for advisors). Peeling back the layers of the thick onion known as the entrepreneurial journey, Dan will relate his personal journey from unemployed to unstoppable (omitting coffee breaks, meals, and the occasional Netflix binge) mindset which will cause one to question if greater heights of success are not possible than your current thinking is regulating. No toga required.


2019 SYA AG Conference Details:

Wednesday, January 9th

Registration 10:30am-12:00pm

Conference Opening Remarks: 1:00pm

Banquet 6:00pm

Thursday, January 10th

8:00am- 3:00pm Registration Pass $240


Coming to the conference? Book your stay in the SYA hotel block at the Radisson for preferred rates.


For 20 years, the FARM FORUM EVENT has been a premier event for progressive farmers. It’s where they learn about the latest innovations and research to improve their farming operations. Aberhart Ag Solutions have a booth at the event and Dan Aberhart is introducing and moderating two panellist discussions at the show.  We look forward to meeting you in Calgary at the TELUS Convention Centre -December 4th – 6th, 2018.



Wednesday, Dec 5: 2:05 – 3:05 pm Room 203, 204
Thursday, Dec 6: 2 – 3 pm Room 201, 202


Tired of all the chit-chat about saving the world?

Climate change…
Methane gases…
Nitrous Oxide Emissions….
Algae blooms….

Hear  Ag industry experts stand up and respond.

We have the solutions to mitigate these major societal issues through new and emerging approaches that take the world’s problems and turn them on their head and make good farming sense doing it.

Enjoy a lively and engaging panel discussion from:

-Cheyne Ogilvie, MSC Candidate, P.Ag, CCA on delivering the nitrogen payload to it’s target.

-Mike Dolinski entomologist and Taurus Agricultural MarketingDirector of Science and Innovation.

-Terry Aberhart of Aberhart Farms, Aberhart Ag Solutions and Sure Growth Technologies.

-Elston Solberg from Earth Dirt Soil on reconstituting urban and oilfield landfill material into a sulphur source.

Farmers, fixing the world’s problems!

Cheyne Ogilvie

Cheyne grew up on a farm near Pense, Saskatchewan, where she continues to take in every opportunity to help her family with field operations and agronomic advice. After completing a degree in Environmental Science at the University of Lethbridge, she worked as a crop consultant in Southern Alberta assisting producers to make efficient and profitable decisions on their farms. In 2015, she furthered her education by attending the University of Saskatchewan to study enhanced efficiency nitrogen fertilizers and their ability to reduce environmental losses compared to their conventional counterpart.



Elston Solberg

Elston grew up on a dairy farm near Ryley Alberta where he learned about hard work and tenacity. Hockey, baseball and fishing were key to his youth. He knew early in life that science was his career focus.

He attended Camrose Lutheran College to play hockey where the Vikings won the Canadian Junior College Championships. Later he completed his B. Sc. in Agriculture (Agronomy, U of A) and an M. Sc. in Soils (Elemental Sulphur Fertilizer, U of A). While doing his masters he worked full time as a research associate with mentor Dr. Marvin Nyborg and continued working on many practical research projects for 8 years full time and 7 part-time after leaving to join Alberta Agriculture to work in research and extension for 17 years. During all this Elston moved back to his hometown and served on Village Council for 9 years (8 as Mayor), he was Chair of Beaver Regional Waste Management and Chair of the Joint Councils of Beaver County. Amongst this mess, Elston attempted to complete a Ph. D. on a project involving a detailed understanding of N cycling. While the thesis was not completed all the data was published adding to a still growing body of scientific and popular press. In 2002, Elston left his position as Lead of the Field Crop Development Center (Alberta Agriculture) and started Sun Mountain Inc. and began his affiliation with Agri-Trend. Elston has travelled extensively and has trained people on every continent (except Antarctica ;>) on various facets of crop production, soil science and nutrient management. He has recently established a speaking, teaching, training and publishing company called EarthDirtSoil.

Some of his favourite sayings include:
• Learn, UnLearn, ReLearn
• The Future is Already Here, It’s Just Unevenly Distributed
• Everywhere knowledge increases at the expense of understanding.
• Think Like A Plant!

Mike Dolinski

Mike Dolinski has seen a lot of things over the years as an entomologist and senior Agri-Trend coach. Opinions that come and go, scientific consensus that changes, and sometimes catchphrases that catch on, even if they are misleading. Mike is Taurus Agricultural Marketing, Director of Science and Innovation




Terry Aberhart 

Growing up on his family farm cultivated Terry Aberhart’s passion for agriculture and entrepreneurial growth. He worked in the agricultural industry before returning to manage farm and custom spraying operations in 2000. In 2005, Terry founded Sure Growth Technologies, a professional independent agronomy consulting company, affiliated with Agri-Trend. Terry loves agriculture, working with the farm team, and sharing his success and passion with his family.





Full Event info here:

Aberhart Ag Solutions Proudly Presents: Growing the Future 2018


Aberhart Ag Solutions are excited to introduce and present some of the top voices in agriculture for an interesting, passionate, articulate speaker series from some of agriculture’s most innovative organizations.


Stage presenters include:

Together, we will share our stories, our passions, our values; and provide insight into what’s trending in the agriculture industry today and into the future.

All of these electrifying presentations will take place inside booth #613 on 7th Street, at scheduled times described below. The ‘Field of STARS’ fundraising event is also located on stage Tuesday evening, featuring the talented Brett Kissel!

We are thrilled by the variety and quality of presenters taking the stage this week, and we are truly grateful for the partnerships and ingenuity that brought this show together!

You won’t want to miss it!