Elemental sulphur fertilizer

countdown to millionth acre biosul

The Aberhart Ag Solutions team are proud to have built a network of partners, our Trusted Applicators,  throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba who take the time to understand our client’s needs. Every year we hold an invitation-only summit for our partners. In our latest news, we share our millionth acre promotion.

Aberhart Ag Solutions Will Soon Deliver Our 1 Millionth Acre of Bio-Sul.

In the video below Dan Aberhart explains why this is such a great milestone to be celebrated!

How Are We Going to Celebrate the 1 Millionth Acre??


Watch the countdown on the website as we near the magic number – who ever orders the millionth acre will be recognized and rewarded by our team!

#2 -THE PROMOTION- The Millionth Acre Lottery!

Our Bio-Sul Premium Plus Elemental Sulphur significantly improves yields by ensuring nutrient availability and intensifying your fertilizer program. Order Your Bio-Sul between now and November 30th 2019 and you will be entered in to a draw to win a fantastic experience package of your choice worth $1000!

We want to thank everyone for supporting us on this journey so far. Our hard working and dedicated team, our amazing and loyal dealers / Trusted Applicators across Saskatchewan and Manitoba, our partners and friends…and of course our customers , we couldn’t do it without you!  We’re proud to have built a network of partners throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba who will take the time to understand your needs.

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The Aberhart Ag Solutions team are excited to announce a public webinar featuring Matt Gosling of Premium Ag. As a valued member of our network, Matt brings with him years of Bio-Sul data and customer results! Join Dan and Matt as they analyse the data: applications, yields and results of Bio-Sul Premium Plus in the real world.


Bio-Sul Analysis Webinar

This public webinar will take place:

If you have questions you would like answered on the show please send them to us – email: dan@aberhartagsolutions.ca



Matt graduated from the UofA in 2002 with a BSc in Agriculture Sciences, to be immediately employed by AgPro where he worked as a grain buyer for 1 year in Vulcan.  After 1 year he was promoted to Manager of Agronomic Services for Southern Alberta.  He resigned 6 months later to start his own Agronomy company called Premium Ag.  2019 will be the 16th crop that Premium Ag has been involved with in helping manage about 150,000acres in Southern Alberta.  He’s also been involved in several other business all surrounding Agriculture, from custom application, manure/compost sales, and other fertilizer developments diverting nutrient sources destine for the landfill.  Premium Ag currently employs 5 full-time staff and seasonal help to service our 30-35 clients, including some R&D initiatives.

Matt Gosling, P.Ag., CCA
Strathmore, Alberta, Canada




Being part of a family-owned business can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Like you, farming and running a business is in our blood. Farming, custom application, agronomy, trucking, and iron sales are all a part of our background. We enjoy the relationships in the agricultural industry that we have built. This business is an opportunity to strengthen our existing network and also make new connections.