Aberhart Ag Solutions Clubroot Webinar Featuring Expert Guest Dan Orchard


The Aberhart Ag Solutions team are proud to have built a network of partners, our Trusted Applicators,  throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba who take the time to understand our client’s needs. In our latest news, we are thrilled to announce that Aberhart Ag is presenting a public webinar on Clubroot, featuring Clubroot expert, Dan Orchard of the Canola Council of Canada. Dan Aberhart will be our host with the most,  as we take a deep dive into the challenges of this disease.



Clubroot Is A Challenge.

Clubroot is a serious soil-borne disease of cruciferous crops. In canola, it causes swellings or galls to form on the roots, which ultimately causes premature death of the plant. It is caused by a fungus-like protist called Plasmodiophora brassicae. Currently, there are no economical control measures that can remove this pathogen from a field once it has become infested. However, it is possible to curtail the spread of the pathogen and reduce the incidence and severity of the disease.

Aberhart Ag Solutions is taking proactive steps. We are introducing a high-quality discussion with an expert in the industry, Dan Orchard of the Canola Council of Canada.

This public webinar will take place:

If you have questions you would like answered on the show please send them to us – email: dan@aberhartagsolutions.ca


Dan Orchard, Agronomy Specialist


Dan joined the Canola Council Of Canada in March 2011.
As a B.Sc. graduate from the University of Alberta, Dan combines his education and more than 20 year’s field experience to assist the Canola Council of Canada and the Crop Production Team.  Dan’s scouting led to the first detection of clubroot in Alberta in 2003, and has since taken on the role of clubroot leader for the agronomy team and is a withstanding member of the Clubroot Steering Group.  Dan covers the North Central Alberta Region, and when not doing agronomy he enjoys camping and playing guitar.





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