Cultivating Community Dreams

The Farming for the Future Fundraiser in Carlyle, Saskatchewan

In a recent conversation with one of our dealers, Ryan Benjamin of 306 Ag Resource Group, we were privileged to learn about the remarkable Farming for the Future initiative that’s capturing hearts and minds in this close-knit community.

Ryan Benjamin is a dedicated member of 306 Ag Resource Group, a locally owned and operated custom fertilizer spreading business, based in Carlyle, Saskatchewan. Their services range from spreading Bio-Sul, an elemental sulphur, to a baseline of Crop Aid products. Beyond their business, they are deeply invested in their community and its future.

At the heart of this conversation is the Farming for the Future initiative, a visionary endeavor to raise funds for a new K-12 school, an event center, and a hockey rink. These facilities are set to be built within the next two to three years in Carlyle, marking a significant milestone in the town’s history.

The project originated when a committee envisioned ways to fundraise for these ambitious additions to the standard school build. Their goal goes beyond bricks and mortar; it’s about creating a hub for education, events, and recreation on the same property, enriching the town’s appeal.

What sets the Farming for the Future initiative apart is its innovative approach to fundraising. Rather than relying on traditional methods like bottle drives and hotdog sales, the community decided to create a sustainable income source. Enter the community field, which not only covers initial costs but also generates revenue for future upgrades, maintenance, and other community initiatives.

The response from the local community has been overwhelming. Farmers of all generations and backgrounds, from young families to retirees, are actively participating. It’s a testament to the town’s unity and shared vision for a brighter future.

While the project is ongoing, a three-year baseline has been set to secure the necessary funds for the school and additional complex features. A recent grant from the provincial government has added to the optimism, firmly placing Carlyle on the map for this endeavor.

For those inspired by this community-driven initiative, getting involved is straightforward. The Carlyle Community Complex Foundation has established an accessible webpage that provides comprehensive information about the project, its goals, partnerships, and donation options. Various sponsorship tiers are available for those eager to contribute.

The community is on the cusp of an exciting milestone – the first harvest from the Farming for the Future field. This monumental event will be documented through photos, videos, and even drone footage. It’s a tangible representation of the initiative’s initial success and the community’s collective effort. You can follow along their journey to harvest and fundraising through their facebook page. 

The Farming for the Future fundraiser in Carlyle, Saskatchewan, is not just about raising funds, it’s about planting the seeds of hope and unity. By thinking outside the box and harnessing the power of community, Carlyle is redefining what’s possible. This project serves as a shining example of the incredible impact a united community can have when they come together with a shared vision of a brighter tomorrow.