Matt & Tristin Maess

Eastern Sky Ag Consulting
Glaslyn, SK


Matt Maess


Tristan Maess

Matt and his wife, Joy, started Eastern Sky Ag Consulting in November of 2015. They provide precision agronomic services for a number of farms in the area. Matt learned of Bio Sul 2 years ago and had some applied in spring of 2018 on two farms. They believe whole heartedly in the agronomic benefits of Bio Sul and are very excited to share this product in the area. They understand the agronomy behind elemental sulphur and the many other benefits that Bio Sul can bring to any given farm.

Matt and Joy have 4 sons, Tristin, Walker, Hadley and Kyran. They are very excited to have Tristin joining Matt as a Trusted Applicator and keep the strength of family going in Glaslyn for Aberhart Ag Solutions.

Tristin is operating as NorthWest Custom Applicators and is very keen to provide precision application of Bio Sul as well as other fertility in the area. Tristin graduated in 2016 and has worked on farms since he was 12 years old. He currently works on a large grain farm just west of Glaslyn and is excited to bring Bio Sul and his application skills to that farm and many others in the area. His knowledge of operating equipment and mechanics bring a strong presence to what Matt and Joy have started and brings youth and energy to the team to help spread the word of elemental sulphur in the area.

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