Welcome to Growing The Future, a Canadian Agriculture and Agronomy podcast series hosted by our very own Dan Aberhart.

In the episode below hear from Marcel Van Staveren. The Van Staveren family first immigrated to Canada from the Netherlands in the 1950s, and established themselves in the Creelman area, he is the youngest of a family of five.

Marcel Van Staveren
Today, Marcel and two Van Staveren brothers farm about 17,000 acres as partners, growing grain now after initially being a mixed farm operation.

Marcel earned a degree in agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan, and is now applying that knowledge to the family’s farm operations. We chatted about his farming history in South East saskatchewan , core values, VR/fertility/agronomy, retail landscape, social media and his adoption of broadcasting. we also managed to squeeze in Bio-Sul, Oksana’s Harvest, and his favourite cocktail party story and much more!

“My definition of success is to build a solid, sustainable grain farm that we’re in control of from all aspects of family and business.” Marcel Van Staveren