Welcome to Growing The Future, a Canadian Agriculture and Agronomy podcast series hosted by our very own Dan Aberhart.

In the episode below hear Terry Aberhart of Aberhart Farms and Suregrowth Technologies share a ton of great content about how he navigates farming, agronomy, and technology in a complicated world!

Topics include but not limited to: elemental sulphur, tissue testing, sustainable ag, data management, premium weather modelling, variable rating inputs of all kinds, profit maps, converting negative margin acres to profitable production, and what was cool about growing up as Danny Aberhart’s younger brother!

“We practice what we preach and understand the needs, challenges, and risks that are facing today’s agricultural producers.  Our passion for agriculture, new science, and technology helps us provide today’s top farmers improved farm profitability and production to feed a growing world. This is what gives us the motivation to be leaders in our field.” Terry Aberhart