Aberhart Ag Solutions is a family business with extensive experience in agriculture production operating with trust and integrity. We stand behind the products we put our name on and our recommendations are based on a foundation of agronomy and science. We have brought Bio-Sul Premium Plus to market in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Bio Sul is a recycled, sustainable nutrient source consisting of 70 % elemental sulphur and 30% compost. By using compost as a carrier, our production costs are greatly reduced and we pass that value on to you. Variable particle size means that our product breaks down naturally over time with one application lasting longer than any other in the industry. In our latest post we share the data and insights on 5 years of Bio-Sul on Aberhart Farms.

On Tuesday March 31st 2020 we hosted a webinar to share the Bio-Sul 5 year data and insights.

Join Dan Aberhart and ‘special guests’.

We have been applying Bio-Sul on Aberhart Farms since the spring of 2015.

Our data is showing:

  1. Higher yields
  2. Lower incidence of sulphur deficiencies in tissue tests, and
  3. Higher PPM of sulphur levels in soil tests over time.

We will be chatting with Terry Aberhart about it, getting some agronomic perspective from Elston Solberg, and hearing about a special offer from Jill Debenham from A and L Labs on how to get a discount on your own tissue testing on your farm with Bio-Sul!

Watch to see how alternative sulphur solution has fared with our new data set spanning the five year product.

Our Bio-Sul Premium Plus Elemental Sulphur significantly improves yields by ensuring nutrient availability and intensifying your fertilizer program. Contact us for more details today!