Aberhart Ag Solutions New Product Announcement- ZM-Grow™


Aberhart Ag Solutions is a family business with extensive experience in agriculture production operating with trust and integrity. We stand behind the products we put our name on and our recommendations are based on a foundation of agronomy and science… In our latest post, we are excited to introduce you to ZM-Grow™.

As a progressive producer, sustainability is always top of mind, but sustainability to you means profit so you can stay in business, and profit means yield x price less expenses. We aren’t getting paid for carbon capture YET, so that means our sustainable choices need to be high yielding. The good news is that ZM Grow has been in a lot of trials worldwide and received great reviews from farmers on many different crops. We want you to try the product on your crops, on your farm.

What Is ZM-Grow?

This is the only foliar fertilizer in the world made of used alkaline batteries.

ZM-Grow™, is a premium zinc and manganese containing foliar fertilizer extracted from recycled metals, unique in its field. In the process, zinc and manganese are extracted and purified from used alkaline batteries.


Dan Aberhart explains more in this video below

A Great Sustainability Story

10 billion batteries are manufactured and thrown away every year globally. Producers are under pressure to reduce their carbon footprints while increasing yield all around the world. Now Canadian producers have a chance to energize their crops with unique technology from Finland in a Zinc (ZN), Manganese (MN), and Sulphate (S) highly tank mixable and soluble foliar that boosts yields. Check out this webinar which clearly explains what the opportunity means for Canada’s farmer’s bottom lines while upping their sustainability game in a simple to use formula. Dan and Terry Aberhart are joined by Timo J, CCO of Tracegrow in Finland, and David Harrod, President of Badger Crop Nutrition in the UK in an entertaining and energizing chat on the future of ag nutrition!


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